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    Special Offers for Spring

     2016.03.21. hétfő 12:00 órától


    Hatted Suhajda soup

    /Piquant cabbage soup prepared with smoked meat and porcini mushrooms, enriched with sour cream, served with a dough hat/


    Garlic-seasoned duck rilette served in a flip top jar with fresh salad and toast              


     Red meat tuna with vegetables au gratin, cream of tender kohlrabi and fresh cheese


    Wels catfish paprika stew and homemade cottage cheese noodles with dill                             


    Grilled slices of goose liver served with grape ragout enhanced with honey and citrus and a pancake with wild mushrooms and seeds


    Beef tenderloin strips with mustard, served with bread dumplings, fried rucola and sausage chips


    Mascarpone cake with carrots, birch sugar and fruits


    Fresh curd cheese strudel tower with blueberries, vanilla and walnut parfait


    Áraink forintban értendők, tartalmazzák a 27%-os ÁFA-t és nem tartalmazzák a szervízdíjat!

    "A kiválóság nem örökletes. A minőség nem veled született. Csak akkor lehetsz a legjobb, ha a legjobbakkal veszed fel a versenyt."

    Gundel Károly