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    "Gourmet tour in Hungary"

    etterem"At first sigh it is difficult to tell whether Rózsa Restaurant is a piece of folk art or a place of catering. The florid fretwork of the frontal and every single piece of the furniture, from the richly decorated chairs to the curtains, is the masterpiece of folk art.We must not forget that Rózsa Restaurant is famous for its cuisine, where we discover real Hungarian flavour in dishes made on the own recipes of the house. Believe that every word of the menu is true - the roasted duck leg garnished with mashed potato with fried bacon and onions looked the same on our table as we imagined it after reading the menu - the legs were properly roasted red and both the mashed potato and the cabbage s-rudel would be equal to a main course.To the dishes we could choose from are served with the masterpieces of the wine-cellars of three neighbouring  wine-growing regions.We do like the Rózsa because of its delicious dishes, hospitality, homely atmosphere and legendary famous "Matyó" traditions.The cuisine recalls the good old Hungarian flavours with its dishes, but prepared according to the individual wishes of our guests freshly on the spot."

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    etterem_matyoThe Rózsa Restaurant has 80 sits and it can expanded with two banquet-halls these are with 25 and 40 sits. The last one is equipped with air condition.

    We have a garden too, in the summer it can be a beautiful place for your lunch or dinner.


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