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    Zsory Spa and Open Air Swimming Pool

    zsoryfurdo1Visit Zsory Bath - 3 kilometres from the centre of Mezokovesd. The bath has 21 pools in a beautiful 11 acre park. There are pools with elements of experience for both children and adults. 3 covered thermal pools are available, with varying temperatures, an indoor swimming pool, bubble bath, sauna, infra-sauna and various therapies all the year.

    Our thermal water, containing Calcium, Magnesium, Hydrogen-carbonate, free Carbonate acid and outstandingly high sulphide - sulphur, has been serving the clientele for more than 70 years. It was certified as medicinal water in 1968 by Dr. János Kunszt.

    This water is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, articular inflammations and wearing, certain gynaecological illnesses, as well as a possible orthopaedic post-operative treatment. It improves metabolism and increases bodily resistance. Since 1986 Zsóry Bath has attended to the patients of the Locomotive Rehabilitation Centre, which was extended to 200 beds in 2006.

    Opening hours:

    Open all year: JANUARY 01-DECEMBER 31 (7.30-18.00)

    Indoor Swimming Pool: The swimming pool can be visited ony with preapad swimming season ticket between 6 am to 7.30 am and from 16.00-close.

    Outdoor bath:

    • MAY 01.-JUNE 14.: 7.30-18.00
    • JUNE 15.-AUGUST 31.: 7.30-20.00
    • SEPTEMBER 01.-depends on the weather: 7.30-18-00

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